Susan Smith Daniels

Author of The Genuine Stories

Author and freelance journalist, Susan is the winner of the Fairfield University Book Prize for her collection The Genuine Stories (New Rivers Press, 2018).

Born and raised in Philadelphia, she moved to Iowa with her husband and family in 1981. Susan  began her writing career as a columnist for Practical Horseman Magazine when her youngest daughter was attending horse shows. She is the author of the very popular The Horse Show Mom’s Survival Guide (The Lyons Press, 2005).

An MFA graduate of Fairfield University, she is currently a PhD student in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University.

Why I Write

I write because I have so many questions about the ineffability of life and our lived experience. I write to answer all those questions to myself, to sort  facts from  feelings,  impressions from  memories, and to look in the spaces for the unobserved. And I write because I love to tell stories.

What I’m Working On Now

As part of my PhD dissertation, I am writing a novel about memory. What started out as an examination of dementia has morphed into the question of memory itself, what we choose to maintain and embellish and what we let go of. Every question I ask spawns twenty more. It has been a long process.